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Stop making women feel bad about shaving.

Stop making women feel bad about not shaving.

Stop making women feel bad about having sex.

Stop making women feel bad about not having sex.

Stop hating all men because some men are assholes.






why are So Many practitioners/teachers of psychology and related fields neurotypical. you wanna talk fetishizing lets talk how many people get into psychology just because my Brain Problems are Fascinating

its funny bcs when the leading expert on bpd admitted that she has bpd other psychiatrists who are neurotypical suddenly became dedicated to discrediting her when previously they had agreed with her like thats how fuckin deep ableism goes

Ok, yeah, people with mental illness definitely shouldn’t face unfair disadvantage in the field of psychology, but this post is an incredibly flawed understanding of psychology.

First off, saying that teachers and doctors of psychology should have a mental disorder is like saying cancer doctors need to have cancer or orthodontists need to have crooked teeth. You don’t have to have experienced something in order to help other people with it.

Secondly, the OP seems to believe that psychology is solely about mental illness, which is just completely inaccurate. Abnormal/clinical psychology is actually a very small portion of what psychology covers. The majority of psychologists are research psychologists, not clinical counselors. And a great deal of what is researched by these psychologists deals with the “neurotypical” brain and how it plays into everyday life. There is organizational psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, family psychology, school psychology, sport psychology, and straight-up biological brain neurology. If you take an actual introductory psychology class, you’d see that mental illness is just one short chapter in a very wide and diverse overview of the field of psychology. Out of the wide variety of psychology classes offered at my university, only TWO deal directly with mental illness. Should a psychology professor be required to have experienced mental illness just to teach such a small percentage of the curriculum to students?

Thirdly, even that small portion of psychologists who are counselors aren’t all dealing directly with mental illness. Many, many counselors deal with everyday problems that don’t require diagnosis. There are grief counselors, career counselors, school counselors, and I-just-need-to-talk-about-my-life counselors. Clinical psychology, the field that deals directly with mental illness, requires approximately 9-14 years of schooling to get a PhD or PsyD, and students must go through a rigorous examination, personal counseling, and ethical training process to make sure they are fit to work with their clients. I promise you, the majority of the people who spend their time and money and hard work on all that training don’t do it just because they have a fetish for your “brain problems.” 

And lastly, yes, there are some cases where people with mental illness are not able to become licensed as clinical psychologists. This isn’t about ableism, it’s about making sure that you are fit to properly treat your clients. Having the perspective of dealing with mental illness yourself would certainly help a client, and many therapists HAVE overcome and dealt with mental illness at some point in their life, but if a client having a nervous breakdown or yelling at you in your office makes you have a panic attack, or triggers your depression, that’s not healthy for either of you, and so you would be asked to reapply when you are in a healthier place. That’s not about discriminating against YOU, it’s about taking the best possible care of the client. And this is coming from a psychology student who has past and ongoing anxiety problems. When I get to that point in grad school where my mental health is evaluated, I WANT them to tell me whether I’m mentally fit to be a clinical therapist. I don’t want to harm my clients OR myself with my career. 

There are certainly many flaws in the modern psychological system which have yet to be solved, but the implementation of “neurotypical” psychologists is not one of them. 

all im hearing is “i dont care about mentally ill people and dont want them to be apart of this discussion. let me bring up every possible way for them to not be the forefront of a discussion about mental healthcare” and “ableism doesnt exist and has never gotten in the way of mentally ill people having a profession in a field about mental illness”

i dont feel like arguing with you ive argued this a million times over. your points exist but do nothing to address the real experiences myself and others have had in the psych field with people fetishizing our mental illness, other than, of course, derail that discussion. thanks.

SJWs really don’t like it when you prioritise logic over facts

Reals don’t real

only feels :(


hot weather.


hot weather.



The Addams Family

It’s weird seeing them in color. Shit. <3


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My sister and I used to get random “I love you” or “what’s up” text messages from our mom at like 3/4AM. We thought it was weird and funny because she goes to bed at like 10PM. So my sister asked my mom why that was and my mom responded, “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of you guys.”

Yes. This is the mother I want to be